Best short term courses for commerce students

Best short term courses for commerce students

By Anuradha Sukhla


Here is why you need to know about best short term courses for commerce students. Lately the digital revolution sweeping across the world has meant the job market demands have also changed. Today, students need to have skills that are aligned with the task requirements of the new world order. Nearly every economy is in various stages of transition to digital transactions, placing more focus on value-adding skills of an employee. Hence, emerging workforce need to have the necessary skills that will keep them employed in local market scenarios or at the global level as well.

A regular graduation is no more sufficient to fetch students a long-term, career-growing job opportunity. Apart from the academic merit of a student, employers seek skills that contribute to better completion of tasks. This could be higher computer literacy for handling online commerce tasks or knowledge of global commercial practices related to your niche.

Hence, commerce students need to plan well ahead of their three-year graduation course to emerge victorious in the competitive job market.

Standard certified short term courses

While there is any number of short term courses that one can chose from, many of the conventional courses continue to hold sway in the current job market dynamics.

These include courses that give you accounting software proficiency.

The second type is the enterprise-level software course.

The third type of course is the specialized management sector courses for commerce background students.

Best short term courses for commerce students

The additional certificate courses give students a competitive edge, over others with regular graduation from state universities.

While the level one courses, equip commerce students with basic computer knowledge, they also add to their capabilities when working with large corporations. Such big-sized companies typical seek knowledge of use of database in everyday operations. MS Access (SQL) is a commonly desired certification. An often disregarded key certification that students require for entry-level jobs is MS Excel, especially for commerce back ground applicants.

In the second level of courses, that is accounting software, students gain specialization in proprietary software applications for accountancy. These include TALLY, its latest versions are advisable.

At this level it is also desired by employers that applicants are conversant with Quick Book Pro, a proprietary software accountancy package popular in the US. Other desired certification include, peach tree. Apart from the packages, one needs to know of best accountancy practices, when employees have to use their own mobile devices for work purposes.

At the third level, certification in SAP or other company-owned ERP (Enterprise level solutions) is desired. These certifications are highly specialized and give applicants a major edge over other candidates without such certification.

Best short term courses for commerce students are recommended for such job seekers who follow a strategy to achieve high academic and practical proficiency in their chosen field. The certifications supplement core graduation scores and allow applicants to leverage their theoretical knowledge when handling real-time work situations, business practices and expansion requirements of any company.