Best websites to study your courses online

Best websites to study your courses online

By Udit Agarwal

Open Yale Courses

The Open Yale Courses is a website which provides the free and open access to a selection of introductory and advanced courses which is taught and given by the distinguished teachers and scholars at the University of Yale. The lectures were recorded in the Yale College classrooms and are available in the form of video, audio, and text transcript formats. The students are not required to register for the online classes or lectures. However, it is the best website which provides good and quality courses through the online process.

The Open University

The Open University (OU) provides the high-quality of education online through the online process. Nearly all of the undergraduate courses the site offers do not require any  type of prior experience or qualifications.

The Open university has developed their own style of distance learning education which is merely called as the “supported for the main agenda of learning.” That means the student, can study at any location of their choice and plan their study in stick with the other curriculum commitments too. The student receive the support from a tutor or online forum and have contacts with the other students in their own language region or online. The candidate can also have access to the student advisors activities and study facilities in their own region.



FreeEdNet is a collection of various types of courses, tutorials, and learning matters which are available on the website, merely some the people at the FreeEdNet website are developing themselves. The courses are free of cost and, normally, there is no sign-up process or procedure to follow which is a great and the best thing of this site. The candidate can simply find a course and start working and learning on it.

Online Education Database

The Online Education Database website has comes up with the 200 online courses which is compiled up with the big universities, such as MIT, Yale, and Tufts. The candidates can take the classes from these universities without submitting any type of form or pay any tuition fee. This website is too free of cost and is the best website to learn and grasp the course. This website also enhances the knowledge and skills of the candidate.

University of the People

University of the People(UOP) is a non-profit, tuition-free institution that provides the online education to individuals candidate through all over the world. The University does not charge any cost from the candidates to take the classes, for any reading purposes and for any study materials purposes, or for any annual enrollment. It is merely a good website for learning the course through the online media.