Career as Nutritionist

Career as Nutritionist

By Richa Madan

Keeping others healthy and fit was always my passion, after consulting a Career Counselor he suggested me to go for diploma Course in Nutrition. The Course of 1 year did aroused changes in my perceptions about healthy living and food. Every day the syllabus was enticing me to do something different and new. My institute did cover the aspects like food nutrition and health, plant-based nutrition, sport and fitness nutrition, child nutrition, eating disorders and obesity.


One of the most phenomenal aspects I felt about the course is that thought me the scientific side of me and increasing causes of obesity in the modern times. Our well certified and pro-active professional did advocate in us to eat right and balanced diet. The best part was our practical exposure under the expert's supervision of suggesting diets according to the Body Mass Index. The professional did also inculcate in us the art of counseling others. Our institute is one of the renowned and reputed organizations therefore under one belt we do offer you with array of courses like P.G diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics, B.Sc (Food science and Nutrition), M.Sc (Nutrition) and much more. Our institution had laid principles and rules, the admissions were based only on merits.

With the unhealthy habits and fast paced life, many people do face problems in their health and therefore they consult nutritionist. Let me tell you one thing, there are own perks involved of joining these courses. One of the other luminous advantages is that it is one of the most sophisticated career option but catching an eye gleaming attention. Let me remind you one thing after completion of the courses there are myriad perks and attractive remuneration packages involved. The Courses requires you to be extremely dedicated and on successful completion, the course does entitle you to seek in positions like clinical dieticians, community dieticians, and nutrition counseling in both public and private sector.

The activities here also involves in planning the proper diet by considering the various aspects of preferences like Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian. If patient is allergic to any kind of drugs or medicines, food management and qualitative food analysis and much more. Our institute did also conduct special workshop seminars by the eminent dieticians that enabled us to learn the course in much more detailed manner. I just loved the way we discussed about the role of nutrients and bought to myself use. Our institute did also advocated us that on successful completion of course, we could also try out for freelancing projects or according to the level and degree can even open our own clinic. The one- on-one training programs did impart the best of knowledge and skills.

Depending upon the specialization and requirements you could select from myriad courses like P.G diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics, B.Sc (Food Science and Nutrition), Certified Diploma courses in Nutrition. Lot dedication, research and practice are required. The course opens a new window of opportunities like nutrition counseling in Government or private sectors.