Evaluation Parameters for Students Pursuing MBA Education

Evaluation Parameters for Students Pursuing MBA Education

By Dr. Kisholoy Roy

A piece of paper called the mark sheet has for long been the yardstick for judging a person's academic caliber in our country and this very policy has often been the hurdle in the road to prosperity for many youngsters in this country. When this practice keeps getting employed in professional courses like MBA, it often leads to glorification of those students who are great at mugging up content or are bookworms but then professional courses need more dynamism, more out of box thinking and more practical oriented and therefore it goes without saying that exam based evaluation as a sole evaluation mechanism is an erred practice. Exam based evaluation has been found to attach maximum emphasis on the educational aspect of a student and pays very little or no attention to the extra-curricular aspects. However recent trends have pointed at a significant shift occurring towards holistic appraisal of a student's innate abilities, skills, talent and unique strengths. All these factors form the basis of analysis of skill based assessments.


Skill based assessment technique involves collection of information on the progress of student's learning using a variety of tools and procedures, for example, student's progress are work samples, teacher reports, Curriculum Based Measurements (CBMs), informal checklist. It is a systemic process of gathering, analyzing and interpreting a student's achievements and progress in educational and non-educational areas with an aim to providing a basis for improvement.
The teachers involved with skill based assessment, employ a variety of assessment programs to collate the required range of information about students. The teachers, using the skill based assessment, can easily determine the learning gaps and thus document the learners' achievements which will further help in developing programs to match educational goals of the school.

Data collected through skill based assessment help in providing detailed feedback to teachers regarding the student's overall strengths and weaknesses. Accordingly, they can plan robust skill enhancement programs, mentoring schemes and strategic leadership development programs, with focus on improvement of specific areas of their weaknesses. Thus, the skill based assessments help to map a student's performance on psychometrics which includes the measurement of knowledge, abilities, attitudes and personality traits, adaptive behavior and other contextual data to ensure that an accurate, overarching evaluation is available for each student. Apart from establishing a student's particular strengths, it also maps the areas that need attention giving the student, teacher and parent greater control over outcomes.

As the job market gets more competent with the passage of time there is a need to realize that traditional methods of evaluating students of professional programs like MBA need to take a back seat and evolved and proven techniques like skills based evaluation need to be the dominant practice. This technique will lead to grooming of better managers and business leaders who can stand the harsh realities of corporate life and can ensure their growth and prosperity and can lead by example in every facet of their lives.