Experience Milder Hand Cleaning from Godrej Protekt Happy Foam Hand Wash

Experience Milder Hand Cleaning from Godrej Protekt Happy Foam Hand Wash

By Deepa Dasmajumder

Hygiene and sanitation are quite important to kids as they cannot follow this necessary practice to some extent for being playful all the time.  Studies revealed that most of the diseases caused to children, happen due to their tendency of popping their hands into their mouth. Hence, hand washing is paid too much of attention to prevent illnesses in children and not to mention- all individuals irrespective of age. Hand washing is an important activity and in order to promote hygiene and cleanliness among children, this process has been turned into a fun activity for them.

Many manufacturers have tried the formula of infusing lots of foam into the making of hand wash to give children’s imagination a flight and also a different level of the thinking process. Products like Dettol already has hand wash product in the market with foam ingredients, however, the new entrant to the market with the same property is none other than Godrej.

Godrej under the brand name of Protekt has brought out the hand wash product- happy foam hand wash into the market.   

This is the first ever hand wash aiming to offer better germ protection without using the chemical property triclosan. Happy foam hand wash aims at making their product popular amongst children through removing the boring chore of hand washing.

Product Description:

The product is not thick and textured like regular hand wash products like Dettol and Lifebuoy when you dispense it on your palms. Its green spout dispenses fully foam based liquid hand wash onto your palms. This product does not contain harsh chemicals that leave your skin irritated after use.  Happy foam hand wash is formulated with 98 % water and air. Its formulation makes it milder than any other hand wash products.

It comes in a beautiful purple pack with a spout for dispensing foam wash.


Godrej Protekt Happy Foam Wash is formulated with ingredients such as Water, Glycerin, Sodium Cocoyl Glycinate, Polysorbate- 20 Citric Acid, Sodium lauryl Ether Sulfate among others. Nice and natural fragrance is derived from green apples.

Efficiency of Godrej Protekt Happy Foam Wash

Foam spreads well on the palms and fights germs to offer you best germ protection while giving you a delighted experience with its bubbly soft foam based formula.  Rather than offering best germ protection, it is great at removing bad odor or smell from hands only with one wash. Seafoods such as prawns and others leave bad smells on hands after cleaning, which is stubborn to get disappeared.  But, with Happy Foam Hand Wash, it is easier to get rid of this type of smell. Whereas other products are concerned, they lack this quality. From this perspective, this product is quite loveable to be used.

Godrej Protect has other hand wash products rather than foam based hand wash. There is a MasterBlaster hand wash with saner actives for regular hand wash chores and MasterChef's hand wash for hand wash chores after cooking.

Price: INR. 119/- for 250 ml. pack