Home Science- The New Age Career Choice.

Home Science- The New Age Career Choice.

By Richa Madan

One of the career options flourishing day by day in today’s time is home science. More and more students can be seen choosing this field. Gone are those days when it was a preconceived notion that home science is a field made only for girls and boys who opted for this were usually defamed. But now no more! The opposite sex is seen to be equally interested in this field. Given below is a detailed description about Home Science and its scope.

Required education for Home Science:

Home Science is a 3 years course. One need to finish his/her 10+2 program and at times a science background is necessary. Also, some colleges conduct entrance exams for their admissions. A number of schools have the provision of selecting this subject at the lower level itself; however, the actual learning in this field only starts at the undergraduate level. At the undergraduate level students get to do printing, basic tailoring, interior designing, dyeing, cooking etc. Moreover, students can specialize in their desired fields such as fashion designing, cookery etc. Apart from this there are options related to nutrition and dietetics which are branched out even further. Degree in M.Sc. in Dietetics and Nutrition are designed for applied scientists where as people who are more tuned towards creative thinking can choose a career in textile designing or child care or rural work etc. Most of these career options need the student to possess a B.Sc. degree in Home Science.


Here are a few advantages of doing a career in the field of Home Science:

  1. Tremendous opportunities and career options.

Home Science is not just one subject with a few pre-determined career choices. Candidates have the benefit of experimenting and doing something that is rare and valuable. Since not many people risk taking these subject, variant jobs is available with the liberty of good choice.


  1. A balanced curriculum.

Home Science is a perfect mixture of theoretical science learning as well as practical performance. Here students a not bound by the need to mug up theory subjects without proper understanding. Students do not need to wait to step in the real world to know how the work is done.


  1. An interdisciplinary course.

Home Science does include ‘science’ in its name yet one can experience best of both worlds as you get to learn science as well as arts. In fact it is so much more than just science or arts!

Surprisingly even today the question arises about why we overlook a career option that is so beneficial. It’s time that we all start looking at something that is broader than and beyond doctors and engineers. So the next time you hear about home science, we hope that you’ll know it is not something as narrow as cooking!

 Home Science being one of the recent growing choice among students is yet less known and accepted in our society. Home Science is a 3 years course for which one needs to finish his 10+2 program. Also at time, a science background is essential for the selection of this field.  The student can attain a B.Sc degree in Home Science.