Hotel Management Degree courses in India

Hotel Management Degree courses in India

By Richa Madan

The fraternity of hospitality has immense spheres and window of opportunities for the young aspirants.  After completing 10+2 degree programs, in the career fair I was made acquainted with the Hotel Management degree course. During enrollment of the Degree courses it is required that students too should give equal dedication to the course. According to age and qualification, the students can get enrollment in various graduation degree, diploma, Post graduate, MBA Programs. Being a student, I was always stunned to give out my best:-


Bachelor in Hotel Management:-  One of the most eminent advantage of our industry is there are looping demand of the Hotel industry, and this 3 year degree program does makes us familiar with the whereabouts of the industry.  It is important to note that 2 semesters are included per year. The syllabus does consist of Food production, Food & Beverage Services, Housekeeping, Front office, Logistics, Hotel Operations and Application of computers and Nutrition.

Post Graduation Course in Hotel Management:-  After Completion of my graduation course, I opted for P. G Diploma Course. Our institute was affiliated with Madhurai Kamraj University. The best part was our college had good state of art infrastructure.  The eligibility criteria is one must atleast  have complete its graduation program.  After completion of the course, students are allowed to pursue their career in any hotel management department.

Master in Hotel Management: - This is one of the important aspects of the course if you wish to have an in-depth knowledge of managerial Skills then this degree is phenomenal of getting the pedestal of Success.  The syllabus does covers very important and prominent topics of the industry like Management and Information system in Hospitality, Facility Planning and Designing, Quality Management Assurance, Professional Development, Managerial Economics and much more. The duration of this course does entirely depends on the board chosen. In Mumbai this course is generally of 2 years.

MBA in Hotel Management:-  Not only on local platforms, this course is also suitable if you wish to apply jobs in any International countries.  The syllabus is according to the industrial parameters.  Even for students who wish to do MBA and complete their certification programs, distance learning programs is much better way or  one has the free hand of choosing from Part time or full time MBA courses.  Before enrolling in the institution, it is important to check the criteria.

After completing these phase of Hotel Management Courses today my career is on peak and have got position of Head of Operations in 5 star properties in London. This course requires to be dedicated but at the same time it is one of the most lucrative option to top the pedestal of success.

 In India, the aspiring Hoteliers or one who wish to seek into hotel industry, do get immense degree, post graduate, Masters and MBA in Hotel Management programs that will enable to groom skills and boost in career growth. Students should complete the basic eligibility criteria set by the institutions.