Importance of activity classes for toddlers

Importance of activity classes for toddlers

By Saoli Chaudhuri

All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy – This is a saying heard by one and all and holds true in each and every case.


Coming to toddlers, work denotes overall education, that is, play and activity-based programs to keep the little ones engaged productively. By engaging in different activities, a child learns more about themselves as well as the world around them.

Some of the benefits of Activity Classes for Toddlers are:

  • They find out about themselves, the world and where they fit into it.
  • They learn things in different ways and at different times.
  • It helps them to build confidence.
  • They feel loved, happy and safe.
  • They develop social skills, language and communication.
  • They learn how to care for others and the environment.
  • They also develop physical skills.
  • They connect and refine pathways in their brain.


Types of Activities for Toddlers:

Unstructured, free play: The child can use imagination and move at his or her own pace. For example, creative play including artistic or musical games, imaginative games like making houses, or dressing up, or even exploring play spaces such as cupboards, playgrounds and so on.

Structured play: This is more organised and is often led by a grown-up. For example, water familiarization, swimming lessons, story-telling groups, pre-schoolers library classes, dance, music and drama classes, football, cricket, basketball classes.

Toddlers seem to enjoy boxes, buckets, balls to play with. Some of the following items attract them too:

  • Chalk, rope, music or containers: Excite jumping, kicking, stomping, stepping and running
  • Hoops, boxes, large rocks or pillows: For climbing, balancing, twisting, swaying or rolling
  • Hills, tunnels or nooks: Involve crawling and exploring.
  • Old milk containers, wooden spoons, empty pot plant containers, sticks, scrunched-up paper, plastic buckets, saucepans and old clothes
  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Music, pots and pans

In this way, from a young age, a toddler will learn to interact with other children and people and also improve his focus and concentrating abilities. This will reap benefits in the future as the child grows up. It will also help to identify and hone the natural talents within a child and also spot if he or she has a knack for a particular sport or game or skill at something. While interacting with others, the parents will also be able to see if the child is at par with others of the same age group. If not, the parents will be able to identify abnormalities in the toddler’s behaviour and consult a health professional to address the matter at the initial stage. In this way, the activity classes will prove to be fruitful for both the child and the parent.

Apart from this, enrolling the toddler at an activity class will give the parents some spare time to look into other matter like household chores, socializing with their friends or even enjoy some me-time. After all, they too need a break from all the running around and hustle- bustle of everyday life with a toddler at home. Thus, every child must be sent for some kind of activity classes.