Jaipur National University

Jaipur National University

By Richa Madan

Jaipur National University laid its foundation in the year 2007. Imparting quality education is prime thumb rule of the institution. Being a professor, it is sense of pride of getting associated with this renowned institution. The best part of us is we provide you with state of art infrastructure and array of spheres and specialized courses like:-


1) School of Business Management: - I am glad to inform all the aspirants that this course is very beneficial for those looking forward for entrepreneurship or seeking higher positioning. The eligibility of this course also 10+2. The aspirants like accounting, marketing, operation research and strategic management.

2) School of Computer & System Science:- There are myriad sub spheres like BCA, MCA, M.Tech (Computer Science), MCA, PGDCA, Ph.D (Computer Science/ Computer Science & Engineering). Students are required to fill eligibility required to completion of course.

3) School of Education:- In the bunch of quality education, according to interest spheres like Bachelor of Arts (B.A), Senior Teaching Certificates (STC), Diploma in Early Childhood Care in Education, M.Ed, Certificate course in Yoga, Diploma in Guidance and Counseling and Phd in Education.

4) School of Engineering & Technology:- During convection the gratitude and happiness on students face is entirely different. In the past to present times, Engineering & technology is being phenomenal for career growth and have boosted the confidence with enormous benefits after completion like job satisfaction, gaining lucrative positioning, presenting ideation of designs, Financial Security and Prestige. The institute is one of the pioneer is giving that practical and industrial exposure that is required in the industry. With one of its kind university it encompasses of various certification programs like B.Tech (Biotechnology), B.Tech (Electrical Engineering), B.Tech (Computer Science & Engineering), B.Tech (Chemical Engineering) and much more. Best part is that we are pro-efficient, dynamic and well qualified team to address lectures to future Engineers. As our institute is Govt. Recognized, the Certification programs done from here do hold a high value.

5) School of Social Science: - Humanity is one of the biggest gift we have received on the earth. With the streaming degree programs we are focus-centric on high end courses like M.A (Sociology), M.Phil (Social Work), M.Phil (Sociology), M.A (social Work), Ph.D (Social Sciences) and much more.

6) Post Graduate Programs in Literature:- Our passed out students are doing excellence in the field of literature. After completing the criteria of Graduation and certain marks eligibility criteria, we do allow students to enroll in post graduation programs like M.A English (Literature & Language, Diploma in Phonetics & Spoken English and M.A + M.Phil (English)

The most homogenous factor I feel about the college is imparting the seeds right for quality education and penetrating the best ideology of strength in Education. Complete end to end solutions are offered. When it comes to higher education, the students are offered one roof higher education processes.

In short glance, the Jaipur National University has all the mandatory approvals that are decided by the education Ministry and Government of India. In order to deliver the best of quality education, there are certain laid disciplines and eligibility criteria, students are required to fulfill all the aspects.