Kabir Singh Box-Office Collection After Day 3

Kabir Singh Box-Office Collection After Day 3

By Aslam

The latest released Bollywood movie Kabir Singh has received a blockbuster opening weekend. Grossing more than INR 50 Crores in the first weekend. The box-office collection of Kabir Singh over the weekend is Rs 67.92 Crores. The Bollywood movie Kabir Singh, which is the hindi remake of Arjun Reddy, released on June 21. The movie was always expected to be a box-office success, with almost 30% of the seats being pre-booked prior to the release of the movie.

The movie Kabir Singh earned Rs 20.21 Crores on its opening day, with Sunday witnessing the box-office collection of Rs 25 Crores. The movie is expected to do well, despite the negative reviews pouring in. Box-office projections put Kabir Singh to be easily crossing Rs 100 Crores marks. It is however, to be seen whether the movie can topple the top two grossers of the year.

Director of Kabir Singh -- Sandeep Reddy Vanga
Cast of Kabir Singh -- Shahid Kapoor, Kiara Advani, Arjan Bajwa, Suresh Oberoi, Nikita Dutta.

Review of Kabir Singh
The first review of the movie Kabir Singh were expected to dent the box-office collection of the movie. However, the movie has managed to defy the odds. The movie is being termed as modern day Tere Naam, with misogyny and violence against women being celebratd in the movie. A hindi remake, the movie is the exact copy of Arjun Reddy, scene by scene. However, it’s the principle of the movie which has upset the viewers. The cast has played the characters brilliantly and the principle photographer manages to capture some amazing scenes which provide another layer to the movie. But the lead character is the centre of all problems. Having serious anger issues, Kabir Singh projects all his anger on people around him, mainly women. Despite that, women throw themselves at this brooding man. The movie Kabir Singh also shows substance abuse as a way to deal with heartbreak, which hasn’t gone down well with many people. Despite all the fundamental flaws, the movie is entertaining. If you happen to leave your soul and sensitivity at home, movie might impress you but the moment you start to think about the movie, every minute feels like a nightmare.

Shahid has played the character perfectly and Kiara has left no stone unturned to play the damsel in distress, or whatever her character was supposed to be. Watch this only if you have nothing better to do this weekend and would want to see how much the misogyny is still celebrated in the country.