Law Colleges in India

Law Colleges in India

By Richa Madan

After completing junior college, it becomes necessary for all students to choose their particular field and make their great future in it. Many students like to do studies of law and become a good lawyer or solicitors. Now to get admissions in law colleges in India is easy, because first of all studies in any of the field is not easy as hard work is always necessary and for doing law you should be very focused and also should be of calm mind. To get in these colleges of law there are some eligibility necessary for very students they are like a student should give its board examination from known university, percentage obtained in exam is very important because every college has its own cut-offs for all law courses. There can be many courses done in law, such as:

  1. B.A. L.L.B. is a 5 year curriculum course and can be pursued after passing 12 examinations.
  2. L.L.B. (Bachelor of Laws or Legum Baccalaureus) is course for graduates and it is a 3 year course.
  3. L.L.M. (Masters of Law or Legum Magister) is a post graduate course for 2 years. This course can be done after B.A. L.L.B. or L.L.B.

These are the courses which are done commonly for the studies of law. There are many posts available in this field after completing the course as only becoming a lawyer is not only the option. One can be legal advisor of big companies, teacher of law, and can do private practice as advocate, other legal advisor and solicitors.. Many colleges or institutes are developed near court of Local Government or State Government. So that it becomes easier for students to attend different hearing of courts and take many advices from that particular case.

Student who is applying for this course should be always self confident and good personality. He/she must have following skills:

  • It is extremely important to possess good oral and written communication skills.
  •  One must also have good intellectual ability.
  • The aspirant willing to pursue the course should have ability to assimilate and analyze facts quickly.
  • A knack of good communication and presentation skills are required.
  • The studies expect you to have a good physical and mental stamina to cope up with the long hours of work.
  •  The aspirant most possess Courage to deal with threats especially with criminals.

 By having all these above skills and by applying them perfectly then a student is very much ready for this profession and can get success in every step. Examinations which are held in these colleges or universities contain questions related to present situation in country or past law or of scope in future. Also the exam pattern covers question of reasoning, general awareness, legal aptitude, numerical aptitude and political science or preliminary. By clearing all of these things then the student is fully prepared for making his or her future brighter.

For the studies of law students should be well focused in their studies and should always be aware of courses which are been held in different institutes. Students should be of known university and should have proper eligibility for doing these courses. Every college has its own terms and conditions which helps them to select only eligible students for their institute. Their personality should be good and well focused mind to deal with different criminals and long hours of work and load of work stress.