Management Institutes and Student Wants

Management Institutes and Student Wants

By Dr. Kisholoy Roy

Management institutes in the country are mostly known to cater to the students who are either interested in pursuing MBA or equivalent programs after their graduation or those who wish to pursue business studies after their Class XII which is the BBA program. However this write up speaks of the former segment of students.

Gone are the days when a person used to get a decent salaried job after his/her graduation. Now a days every other company wishes to hire people who are value added graduates. They may be having certain skills related certificates or certificate programs in a particular area of management like logistics and supply chain or most preferably MBAs.


When the intake process is on at various management institutes in the country, students from various strata of the society, having varied educational backgrounds apply for a management course. Over here, I will be focusing on the second rung b-schools of the country where a large cross section of students in this country actually end up studying MBA.

A survey done among 800 students studying in various second rung b-schools of Kolkata revealed that 88% of students are interested in getting suitably placed after 2 years of MBA. While this want if absolutely logical, the worrying bit is that they do not attach much importance to the quality of faculty or the quality of studies happening in an institute. They largely believe that academic performance in the 2 years of study has the least significance on their placement prospects and it will only be their charisma, presentation ability and grooming that will see them through. As far as their academic performance is concerned they rely on an institute's academic community to bail them out for their own sake. The students have the general opinion that once payment for the course is done, it should automatically get them the certificate. It is only a miniscule percentage of students who attach greater importance to the quality of education received since that is what will help them clinch a better job in the long run and enable them to reach greater heights in their professional career. While these segments of students are correct the sad part is they are just some 5-6% of the total student community. One needs to understand that it is not about just getting the first job since there is 99.9% probability that the first job will not be the last job in their lives. Often there are some bright students who actually do not end up getting a job they deserve through campus placements. They will have to look out for the second or the third job where they can sustain and build a career and over there, the MBA education will be tested.

The need of the hour thus is to make the student community undertaking various programs at management institutes understand the importance of education along with the definite need for seeking quality placements. Campus placements and academic performance are not mutually exclusive. They are interdependent and that needs to be well fed into the students' psyche.