Offbeat summer getaways in India

Offbeat summer getaways in India

By Anamika Sharma

Every summer, people want to escape the hot and humid place to run away from heat to some hilly areas to enjoy. Rather than just escaping the heat if you have other motive to visit hilly areas then you should consider it. There are many activities you can enjoy such as horse riding, trekking and many more. Here is a list of 4 offbeat summer gateways in India.

1. Monastery circuit in Tawang

Tawang is located in the north-western edge of Arunachal Pradesh near the border of Bhutan and Tibet. This place offers scenic beauty, a vibrant culture and Buddhist heritage. This town exists on a mountain and is surrounded by peaks and a river. Taiwan Monastery is present here which is largest in the world. It was built in the mid-17 century and has 8 meter high golden statue of Buddha in the prayer hall. Also, ancient manuscript is available in the library of the museum.

2. Paragliding at Bir-Billing

The village of Bir and Billing is surrounded by hills and valleys meadows. Your eyes are going to remain fixed in the sky. This region is located in Himachal Pradesh which is one of the finest paragliding destinations in the world. The take off point is 2290 meter high which face the vast plain. Wide-eyed fliers can have a view of 360 degree of Himalayas and tea estates. If anyone wishes to experience it then the best months are March to May and October to November.

3. Farmstay in Coonoor

This place is for those cowboys and cowgirls who have a soft corner for horse riding and country music. This place has the lush Nilgiris where you can pick tea leaves. People can also take short courses in organic cheese-making. Coonoor is present 71 kilometers away from the nearest airport in Coimbatore.

4. Bird-watching at Malshej Ghat

Western Ghats is a home to many waterfalls and also offers trails for trekking and hiking. During monsoons, many birds come here especially Pimplagaon-Joga Dam flock here every year. Not only this, it is a biodiversity hotspot. Visitors can enjoy various types of flora and fauna here.