Prepare for CAT on Your Own

Prepare for CAT on Your Own

By Ruchi Madan

CAT implies for Common Admission Test, this entrance exams is basically taken after graduation for those aspirants willing to take admissions in top most college. The national level entrance test is recognized throughout India. Often were CAT exams are concerned, many people do share myriad advices. Right from the diary of experts, we do share you with some immortal tips that are as follows:-


  • Focusing on schedule: - It is mere fact that the CAT Examination does requires you to give ample of time and dedication, keep hours fixed for studies. The Syllabus of CAT examination enthralls with sections like Quantitative Ability and Data interpretation, checking your vocabulary ability, Logical ability and General knowledge update. For many students Quantitative Ability and data interpretation is one of the toughest part, the renowned lectures and professors do advice you to conquer first on difficult aspects. Strategically devoting hours for several subjects could also work wonders. The English Vocabulary could be one of toughest aspect rather than English proficiency, you can first head start with vocabulary section then move on to English proficiency. In data interpretation, you could first practice the less complex tables, pie charts, diagrams then you can head to complex tables
  • Taking a next level step: - With self-studies, setting a benchmark of certain percentile is also required. In markets, there are many mock tests series available, we recommend you to buy one, these mock test series are based from different levels right from easy, moderate or difficult ones.
  • Don't overburden yourself: - Instead of collecting study materials or mock test series from ten different places, it is important to buy test series that are available from the reputed sources, the high quality questions here will help you in getting genuine scores. NCERT books are most preferable option or reputed online series for preparing yourself for CAT examinations.

  • Taking up Virtual lessons: - Be it minutest guidance on the steps or slightest doubts pertaining to any topic, Video chapters could easily clear off the air. The reputed online guide could come to your greatest rescue, when there is matter of percentile and earning good scores in CAT exams.
  • Consistent Practices:-Not only just learning, CAT examination are also crucial for handling Time management and minutes that you can devote to one particular question or section, this could only come in with consistent practice. Please remember that if you wish to score in good grades, then there is no way to escape from consistent practices. With mock tests, keep a timer set to finish the exam.
  • Playing tactfully on questions:- During the exams day, often we might get puzzled for few minutes, but tactfully answering questions that we know should be our prime criteria, solving question we know can save lot of time and build in strong confidence.

Remember to give your best shot but never fear of giving attempts, remember your ultimate goal is to be on pedestal of success!