Reasons to Drink More Water In Winter

Reasons to Drink More Water In Winter

By Deepa Dasmajumdar

The winter months could be annoying for many for various reasons, especially for the dehydrating effects. The temperature during winter days plummets and the velocity of THE colder winds increase, resulting in the drier air. And as a result, our body does not receive much moisture as needed like in summers. If the drier air and drier weather affect you, here are the reasons why you need to increase the intake the water during the colder days.

If we go by the myth, it is essential to consume eight glasses of water each day, however; our requirement of water intake depends on various factors of our health conditions. Well, drinking more than the suggested amount of water could not be a bad idea for our health; our kidney becomes stronger as the risk of kidney disease gets reduced. In a nutshell, when the harsh cold air is wicked, we need to drink more water to protect every cell of our body.

Flawless skin

Winter causes irritation and breakouts to facial skin. If you suffer this on the arrival of winter, start consuming more water. You can find lots of benefits such as washout of unwanted impurities. On the contrary, if you fail to do so, your impurities will escape through your pores. Healthy and flawless skin will be in, once you start consuming more water.

Get Energized

In winter, daytime fatigue is common due to dehydration.  In such case, you tend to sip a cup of coffee or tea to get rid of this situation. This is where you make a blunder. If you experience a daytime fatigue, it is better to drink a glass of water. This is necessary as the body absorbs more energy to functions properly, making you feel fatigued. A good amount of water balance keeps the body hydrated and energized.  

Improvement of Digestion

 Consuming more water than needed helps our body to improve the digestion, resulting in an easy digestion of food that we eat. We happen to put on extra weight during winter. Well, there is nothing to worry as we can deal with this dilemma quite easily with the ice cold water or normal water. Drinking cold water actually helps burn calories.

Prevention of water loss

It is quite obvious to lose moisture from our body in the form of perspiration during the summer days. However, in winter months, we do not tend to sweat, but it does not mean we do not lose moisture from our body. We actually lose body water in the form of vapor we release from our mouth and also from our breath. In order to prevent the loss of water from our body, we must drink more water.

Weight loss regimen

 Consumption of water helps from gaining weight. Sometimes, we cannot differentiate between thirst and hunger, and we end up taking more food. In this case, if you feel hungry, you should first drink a glass of water to make sure you really want to eat.


Water is effective to strengthen your health and immunity. If you do not feel like drinking cold water, you can have lukewarm water. That will help you in your objectives. 

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