Top 10 Engineering Colleges in India

Top 10 Engineering Colleges in India

By Richa Madan


The scope of engineering is increasing day by day very high. But students in India are always confused about colleges that in which college they should take admission. They always have question that is that good college and what about environment of the college or universities. There are many engineering colleges have been introduced some are good enough attached to various universities and some are small colleges who are attached to universities but they are not good as compared to others. For the colleges which are famous and ranked high students have to give entrance or any other examinations to take admission in that particular college. So here we have some list of colleges and universities which are famous and good for studies:

  • IIT Bombay- This is a best place for the students who are willing to study engineering in Mumbai. This college stands at number 2 for the best jobs and pre-placements in the top companies of India. It has qualified teaching staffs that are experienced and have good knowledge. It also beats in the terms of infrastructure and its environment.
  • Netaji Subhash Institute of technology, Delhi: -One of the most luminous advantage of enrolling here is that you do get indigenous solutions for Mtech level.
  • IIT Madras- This College is best option for the students who live near South Indian side or for the students who like to stay in silent place and study. Infrastructure and with meticulous learning environment, this place is for dedicated people.
  • IIT Delhi-. As many students from Delhi who are well qualified reserve their seats in advance only by making their background clear and by getting good grades during their academic years. This institute is well known for undergraduate program for the studies of dual degree.
  • Institute of technology, Banaras, Hindu university: - The predominant factor of this university is that it has got three intra disciplinary schools and possesses 13 departments.
  • International Institutes of Information Technology, Hyderabad>- It is one of the best colleges which have good ratings in all the terms especially it is well known for its infrastructure.
  • IIT BHU- Varanasi:-Pertaining to myriad fields, students are given up immense chance for exploring themselves and learning newer things. Students are inculcated with fresh ideas and contemporary innovations.
  • National Institute of Technology, Karnataka- This College is best option for the students of mechanics. Here, students will be able to learn more new things and would be able to discover also new things. If we talk about the infrastructure, the college has scaled up and rank one of the top most engineering college in India.
  • BITS, Pilani: - The overall score of BITS, Pilani is 854 when we talk about placements, infrastructure, academic performance and personality development. The streamed efforts are creating newer job opportunities for youth.
  • NIT, Trichriupali:- Established in the year 1879, NIT at Madras has branched out with several courses like Electronic and electrical engineering, chemical engineering and much more. This engineering college has overall score of 800.

In this way there are various famous colleges in India which are in top rated college but students don't know much about that particular college. Students should always make sure that they search and find out about that college clearly and have complete knowledge about their studies and environment so that you won't have problem in your coming future.