Top themed restaurants in India

Top themed restaurants in India

By Akash Ranjan

People usually go to conventional restaurants but shouldn't we take a break from it and try out something new. You must visit themed restaurants to have an out of this world experience. Themed restaurants are the restaurants which are based on a particular theme which will take you to the new world with their music as well as food. Let’s take a look at these places that are becoming known as some of the best themed restaurants in India.

1. The Bar Stock Exchange, Mumbai

Have you ever seen a restaurant where prices rise and crash like a stock market? Well, you are going to see it here. As the name of the restaurant suggest this unique place is themed on a stock exchange market, and this is clearly seen as the prices of their beverages rise or crash according to the demand of the drinks by the visitors. You might get lucky when you order your beverage as you can get it at unbelievably low price.

Address: Plot Near, 89, Pipeline Rd, Safed Pul, Sakinaka, Mumbai, India

2. Kaidi Kitchen

This restaurant offers you to feel like prisoner as you can head behind bars. This place is exactly like a prison and each jail or cell is used for a separate set of guests. If you are willing to try a kaidi dress then you can do so. The waiter here is dressed like police officers. So, don't even dare to forget to not to pay your bills.

Address: 12A, 1st & 2nd Floor, Usha Kiran Building, Camac Street, Elgin, Kolkata, India

3. Chokhi Dhani

This resort offers you to have a taste of rich Rajasthani culture. You are going to be amazed by Marwari cuisine that is available here as well as you can stay and have an experience of day in a Rajasthani village. Kathputli Ro Nach is a traditional puppet show which you can enjoy a long with folk dancing. Village paintings, Bani thani art, and wall lanterns make you have a feel of Rajasthani hospitality.

Address: Chokhi Dhani Resort, 12 Miles Tonk Road, Via Vatika Jaipur, India